The movement of bodies, knowledge(s) and practices is a fundamental aspect of life. Movement and change are at the core of our multiple perspectives. Within this movement, within constant change, those that practice the creative act – artists, curators, and researchers – inhabit ambiguous lands. On one hand, they have become privileged carriers of new knowledge(s). On the other, the urge to travel, to be mobile, has become a privilege. Indeed, self-congratulatory hypermobility, the lure for the other, artistic monoculture, exclusion, and ecological neglect increasingly condition the practice of the journey.

It is in this context from which On the complexities of the journey: a prototype on the making proposes an unfinished virtual exhibition of knowledge(s) curated collaboratively. This museum without walls will always be unfinished. Its content, the outcome of a set of questions posed to the Reshape community,  is in need of care and contribution. We encourage you to care and contribute by proposing new content to ever-enlarge this constellation. 

This virtual exhibition is articulated through five floating spaces. Each of these spaces is dedicated to the five senses previously described. Sensing involves understanding and becoming aware of our surroundings, unconsciously figuring something out, to enhance a multiplicity of shades of meaning. To start unfolding these senses, On the complexities of the journey: a prototype on the making invites you to navigate through an unfinished universe and its constellations. In each of them, neglecting hierarchy we, as hosts, have gathered a selection of artworks, gifs, projects, texts and interviews contributed by the whole Reshape community as well as the archetypes and rituals proposed within the transnational / postnational team. Following the instructions made above, which are also accessible through the On the complexities of the journey: a prototype on the making web, we invite you to put them in practice and if you are happy to document and share the processes and its outcomes we will include them into the visual exhibition.

Through this constellation in the making, we propose a commencement to understand the journey, not only in its physicality but also as an essential part of what constitutes our lives.